Your Business Needs A Website, Here’s 8 Reasons Why

17/3/2017 | teknet

If your business doesn’t have a functional, good looking and optimised website then you definitely need to take a...

If your business doesn’t have a functional, good looking and optimised website then you definitely need to take a big leap into the digital age. In my opinion every business that is still in business today should have a solid web presence, without it you’re missing out on a great deal of business on a both local and national basis.

15 Reasons To Have A Business Website

1. Millions/Billions Of Potential Customers

The internet is full of potential customers for your business, customers in your local area, in your Country and throughout the rest of the world. The number of potential customers that you will find will depend largely on what kind of services/products you sell or offer. Regardless, can you really afford to give up a big piece of the pie by not having a good business website?


2. A Professional E-Mail

Investing in a website will also deliver a small bonus on the side, your very own professional and business related e-mail! As a general rule, if someone e-mails me offering their services from a gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other generic account then I don’t work with them, a generic e-mail looks cheap, smacks of laziness and is easy to forget.

3. Showcase Your Products/Services

Too many Businesses in today’s modern world are spending too much money generating too many brochures. A website enables you to create, maintain and update an online brochure, showing your potential/existing customers what kind of products and services your business offers. The good thing about having a digital brochure is that it’s dynamic, if one product changes you don’t need to reprint the whole thing, you just amend it.

4. Boosting Your Brand

Every business should aspire to grow their brand out to a household level. A website gives you the platform you need to spread the word of your great business and services/products. For example; if you look around the Teknet Marketing website you’ll find plenty of logo’s, banners and content relating to the digital marketing work we do in Birmingham. It’s all about trying to drum this into potential customers and getting them to remember our brand.

5. Taking Your Business 24/7

Your website won’t need you to sit there around the clock monitoring it, you don’t have to lock it up when you leave. A good website means that your business is constantly accessible to your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

6. Marketing Your Business

Have you ever looked at offline marketing options such as billboards, bus shelters, radio and TV advertisements? It’s a very expensive game to get into. In comparison an effective web design and build followed by good SEO will turn in a higher ROI than an expensive billboard in a city. A roadside billboard may cost you upwards of £3000 per month; whereas the services of a good SEO agency in Birmingham may start at less than a quarter of that cost. Likewise a high quality web design in Birmingham will cost you less than £3000 for a website you’ll benefit from for years to come.

7. Customers Expect A Website

I work in internet marketing, so it’s pretty understandable that I’m drawn to businesses that have websites. The same goes for every other potential customer, all be it at a slightly lesser extent. People nowadays are dependant on the internet to supply all of the information they need, if I can’t Google your business to find an address, phone number, your opening hours or see your products then what’s to stop me searching for a competitor instead?

8. Credibility Is Key

Every business needs a certain level of credibility, having your own top-notch website is a fast track to looking the ‘real deal’ to potential customers or partners.

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