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Cloud based business management software for tradespeople and trades businesses.

Project overview

Tradesoft began as an idea that a single piece of software was needed to run a construction business. The problem was that there are many pieces of cloud and desktop software available covering parts of the overall business management but no one tool that did everything. To fill this gap in the market we designed and developed one solution that did everything - Tradesoft.

Because a lot of trades businesses operate out in the field rather than in offices we needed the solution to be fully mobile and tablet responsive to maximise the user experience when on site.

Tradesoft initially came to looking for a bespoke solution for their existing construction business but were so blown away by what we designed and delivered they retained us to further develop the solution in to a SAAS solution available for any construction business to use and Tradesoft was born.

Project outcome

We started the project with a full, in-depth design phase which looked at all the required functionality and how it needed to interconnect to get the best possible flow when in use. Once this was done we then looked at the user interface (How the system actually looks) and we designed every screen that the system would use when complete. Went through numerous revisions at this stage until we had all of the required features blended into a sleek and modern looking interface that would be easy to use. We also put a lot of thought into how it would look and function on mobile devices as we believed they would make up a sizeable part of the overall users of the platform.

The software is packed full of functionality, including; CRM, business intelligence dashboards, internal messaging system, calendars, stock and materials management, equipment and plant management, media library, project management tools, estimation tools, scheduling system, invoicing, time sheet management, GPS staff and job location tracking and financial reporting.

We built the Tradesoft solution using a modern PHP framework that along with other popular web technologies allows the users to access the software from any internet enabled device, all powered by industry leading fast and secure cloud servers.

Tradesoft launched version 1 to fantastic reviews in September 2016 and has been under constant development since then to release more features, new functionality and improve the overall user experience for its customers.

We all really enjoy working on Tradesoft and we look forward to all the future developments we have in the pipeline to keep this a world class, industry leading solution.

From the first point of contact through to completion Julian and his team have been open, honest, reliable and enthusiastic about all ideas and suggestions. We have worked closely over the past couple of years to create our unique solution and will continue to work together to achieve our goals in the future.

Alex Gibbons Tradesoft Co-founder

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