Simple solutions for complex problems.

Its very easy to produce a complex solution to a complex problem. We pride ourselves on being able to produce easy to use intuitive solutions to complex problems that really add value to our clients businesses.

No matter what we are creating our mantra is to 'Keep it simple' and 'automate' wherever possible. By approaching our solutions in this way we are always focused on reducing admin time and costs to ensure that we deliver solutions that really do have a positive return on investment for our clients.

Return on Investment

With our mantra of Automating whenever possible to reduce administration needs we are constantly striving to delver the best possible ROI with our solutions.

Trusted Results

With over 12 years in business we have a proven track record of building complex bespoke solutions across a range of business sectors for a variety of uses.

Building Partnerships

Effective strategic software development requires an intimate understanding of your business, practices and workflows. This is why we see ourselves as a partner in your success.

Our Core Values

True innovation means problem solving, question everything. Great design needs full understanding, push for perfection all the time. Designing or coding, details make the difference,


With over 12 years trading history under our belt we obviously offer a little more security that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.


We believe that the way we approach and price our projects is the most transparent way of working with our customers.

Bespoke Web App Development

These are stand alone solutions that are completely self managing and are not integrated with any other systems or platforms. a great example of this type of work can be seen with the SAAS software project we have just completed for Trade Software Solutions. The software itself is a full business management tool designed to run any business working in the construction arena.

The system took 6 months to design and a further 8 months to build but we believe that it is a world leading solution within its target market. more details about this project can be seen here.

Bespoke Wordpress Plugin Development

We have been working with the Wordpress platform for a number of years now and discovered early on that downloadable plugins often come with security threats. To combat this we began to develop our own suite of basic plugins such as forms, social media hookups and exporters. This quickly however moved on to more complex systems such as event management systems and fully bespoke ecommerce platforms.

A great example of this type of work would be the project we completed for Lunch BXD in 2015 that saw us develop an on line ordering system for the lunch delivery company, read all about it here.

Native Phone App Development

App development is a growing part of our business and has seen some interesting projects recently including a training feedback app for the SW NHS Trust and both IOS and Android Apps for Trade Software Solutions that manage their 'On the tools' workers which can be seen here.

Business Management Software Development

Business management software is all about creating a software tool to automate business processes making it more efficient saving time and therefore money. a fantastic example of this type of work would be the project we recently completed for CT Paper that manages their entire business from stock coming in, being processed through the converters to delivery, including invoicing and delivery note production. the tool also includes a range of business intelligence reports. You can see more details about this project here.

Julian Salmon

Managing Director

Ross Cooper

Head of Development

Now with 2 young children at home Ross has given up sleep and now just codes 23 hrs per day, great for us :-)

Luke Holloway

Head of Design

Luke has taken design to extremes - it now covers 80% of his body with him looking to complete the transformation before 2018.

Kirsty Bowater

Head of Marketing

Our camera shy marketing manager never ceases to amaze us on the amount of pictures she appears in on Facebook.

Scott Spragg

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