Why You Should Use a Content Management System

17/3/2017 | teknet

In the modern day there are an infinite number of ways to give yourself an online presence whether you...

In the modern day there are an infinite number of ways to give yourself an online presence whether you are just a casual blogger, charity, brand or a small business. With options such as Facebook Pages and directory listings, there are cheap and cheerful ways of getting yourself found online but none of them replace an actual website to represent just you. But how does a busy or non-techy person manage a website and get the most out of it?

The answer in most cases is that you can’t, unless you have enough hours in the day to learn different systems, coding languages and the latest trends regarding SEO and marketing, as it all comes down to how a website is built and maintained.

By now a custom website may sound pretty daunting but don’t worry we will cover some of the user-friendly solutions along with why we think 99% of the time a CMS is the way to go (Don’t know what a CMS is? Don’t worry we will explain).

Alternate Solutions to a CMS

In our time we have come across a lot of solutions for building and maintaining websites that we have either explored ourselves or clients have approached us with(normally because they are no longer suitable). A couple worth a mention are Wix, Weebly, Moonfruit and GoDaddy Page Builder but whilst their drag and drop functionalities work nicely they are far from up to scratch from an SEO and mobile responsiveness point of view. Then we have the age old issue of time, setting up a good looking website on one of these platforms takes up your time and they will only be as good as your design skills allow.

This brings us to our favourite solution of them all, a CMS. What is a CMS then? CMS stands for Content Management System and in a nutshell it allows you to use a pre built theme and plugins/modules to create a foundation for your website which covers how the website looks visually as well as any additional functionality. The system then gives you a user-friendly area to manage your content and data in a way that matches your workflow. So as long as you can use a visual based editor (looks a lot like Microsoft Word) you are good to go without having to worry about any technical details such as coding or layout design. This makes managing a website super simple and more importantly fast, as updates are made within a couple of clicks or a few taps on the keyboard.

Another advantage over the aforementioned solutions is that there are plenty CMS specialists out there, including us at Teknetmarketing who can develop your CMS even further when it’s time to grow. We can do all sorts such as setting up eCommerce, customer client areas, contact forms and really optimising your website to really shout at Google “we are the website you should put at the top of your search results!”

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